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This unique approach to yoga is more about the process of watching the body unfold through deep attention and through the spines relationship to rest, gravity and breath. The emphasis is not so much on the final posture but the journey into and around the posture, which, with patience and attention, invites the body to express its true intelligence. Its a conversation with the whole body and the space around and under the body that always always involves the spine . This approach invites anyone whatever size, shape and age to work slowly at their own pace allowing them to discover their own path to freedom in their body. This practice demands one’s attention, like a child wanting to show you something very special, knowing it could be gone in moments like a shooting star of a bubble in the air…it begins wth a glimpse of something that feels rare , as if you catch the scent of something you can’t now ignore … it wakes up the imagination, fuels creativity and the body begins to move in a completely new way… and the concept of beginners mind becomes an integral part of the practice.


“Yoga with Caroline is a journey of gentle guidance to discover the mystery and wonder of true mind/body connection. It’s simple and complex simultaneously which appears to be a contradiction at first. One of my the most interesting but challenging things I’ve ever done. It demands total attention without control and and an openness to possibilities. Counterintuitive! It’s a journey that is quite challenging at times but ultimately the only one you take if you are truly curious about how the body and mind can and should work in harmony” – Claudia

Vanda explained what yoga meant for her:

“It is health, it is comprehension, it is creation, and it is above all love. When you are open, love comes in. It is when you are defensive and fearful that you close the doors. When you are open, you can communicate with the person that is near you, with nature, with the world, and you become one with everything that surrounds you”’

- Vanda Scaravelli

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