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Caroline Hutton – Scaravelli inspired yoga workshops

Caroline began practicing yoga in 1997 and started teaching in 2008. Originally inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, Caroline’s yoga teachings take direct inspiration from her teacher Diane Long, who she started working with in 2000.

Caroline’s passion and purpose is to help people find freedom in their bodies once again, allowing them to rediscover their essential power and vitality and the beautiful intelligence of their spine – no matter what their age, size or state of health.

What she sees in her students is a real sense of joy and excitement at the discovery of what has always been there: a playful freedom that most haven’t felt since childhood. Through deep enquiry and exploration and the ongoing practice of sincere attention and intention, Caroline will take you on a journey throughout your body, with love, attention and patience.

You will begin to experience something new, it starts as a faint whisper but ends up singing out loud and you begin to understand what it feels like to be really alive in this wonderful body of yours.

‘Movement is the song of the body’

- Vanda Scaravelli

Workshops & Classes

Throughout the workshops and classes, we will explore the body’s diversity of movement. We will be discovering the shapes of our bones moving within our skin, creating a natural momentum of movement, a rhythm that arouses our curiosity, leading us on a journey of deep integration, freedom and ease.

The breath is the keystone to our yoga practice and we will explore it sincerely, searching for the mysteries hidden within our unique rhythms and unlocking insights into who we are. The body becomes light from the dance of the breath, the flow of energy within us and our awakening spine. Asanas become easy to move into and the body begins to find its natural flexibility again as we relearn to move without push and pull.

Workshop sessions will encourage self discovery and self acceptance in an open, inclusive forum where students are able to ask questions, seek help, bond, explore and discover so much.

My wish is that you leave these workshops with an intuitive and intentional practice that you can carry into all aspects of your life. Your practice will become your tool to live a life free of the stress, old trauma and ingrained patterns that hold us back from being the best we can be in this lifetime.


Join me on this profound journey of release and expansion.


“I had the privilege of a weeks yoga retreat with Caroline in Italy 2017 and oh my gosh, it was superb, Caroline’s expertise shines through in the way she holds the space and works with the class, with a great balance of 1-1 help and group work. She really knows her stuff and is so humble in her work with the body, I always felt in good hands that she knew when to challenge me a little – whether that was drawing me back into my body or asking me to look at what I was doing in a different way. Her positivity shines through and her humour infectious, she knows how to witness the body in just the right way. I left feeling rejuvenated, rested and very empowered by the body wisdom she had passed on through her understanding and practise of Yoga. This I was then able to translate into my personal practice at home – I still ‘feel’ her gentle hands on my body asking me to enquire a little deeper which is fantastic. I can’t recommend her enough. She is awesome. The venue was stunning, with great food that paid attention to dietary restrictions and very comfy beds!”
Chanan Bonser

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